Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Beatings All Around

I just spent about 3 hours writing a looooong post for you all, only to have Blogger eat it when the internet connection went out. About 2 paragraphs were partially saved to the "drafts" folder - which I hate passionately, because it spaces every paragraph about 4 lines down from the previous one, and resists all attempts to correct that - but which would still have been better than losing the Entire. Freaking. Thing.

It's been a bitter struggle to find blogging time lately, let alone time that I have enough mental wherewithal to actually write something coherent and (with luck) worth reading. Kind of irritated that that many hours and that much effort just disappeared into thin air - especially as both are in short supply right now.

Let's all pretend it was the most fascinating post in the history of everything and you all loved it and found it transformed your lives for the better, okay?


Oh, well. I'll try again later. Meanwhile, if you read anything about the Blogger "drafts" function being visited by virtual goblins and made into electronic toothpixels, remember: It wasn't me. It was some other person we don't even know. They should look for him in Burundi, where he will be be choosing between tea and cake or death (served by Eddie Izzard, naturally.)

Sorry, guys!