Sunday, August 31, 2008

Puppy Pandemonium

So the other day, one of my technicians, Jill, invites me over to see her puppies. This is partly for my benefit (who doesn't want to play with a big pile of puppies?) and partly for theirs (Jill likes to socialize her puppies when they are very little so that they're more temperamentally stable when they're old enough to place.)

This is Jill with Mink the WonderSibe. Mink is a lovely bitch, beautifully built for athletic activity (Jill mushes, so this is important to her breeding program). Mink also has a solid, stable temperament and is a very good mother. According to Jill (I myself know nothing about this except what Jill tells me), her coat color isn't preferred in the breed ring, but personally I love the wild-type coat colors. Jill competes with her dogs in agility and obedience, as well as showing in the breed ring, mushing (recreationally, at the moment), and she also does a little bit of tracking with some of her dogs.

Obviously, apart from her other charms and delights, Mink is also capable of producing puppies which can cause your eyes to melt from the cuteness. WARNING: DO NOT GAZE AT PUPPIES FOR OVER TEN SECONDS WITHOUT EYE PROTECTION. EXCESSIVE CUTENESS MAY CAUSE RETINAL DAMAGE.
Sleepy babies
Hungry babies
Exhausted babies
(Note the puppy in the background, which has fallen asleep with a toy in her mouth.)
One of the hazards of going to play with a biiiig pile of puppies (apart from the risk of accidentally adopting one) is that when they fall asleep, especially after they've eaten, they appear to have the ability to exude some sort of sleep vibe that is a powerful sedative. Luckily it doesn't work at a distance. Oh, wait a minute... maybe it does.... zzzzzzzzz......

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Holly said...

oh. my. goodness. gracious.

those are wee fat excessively snuggly puppies. I would NOT be able to keep my hands off them.

cute overload!